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You may have heard some whispers along the grapevine about Google over the years. Heck, you may have even have engaged with an agency in the past that left you feeling more wary than eager in your online journey (we’ve all been there!)

Wherever you are in your journey with Google, there are a lot of myths out there in the stratosphere about the tech giant. So, we thought it was high time to set the story straight and debunk some of the most common myths!

Let’s shine a light on some of these myths and why they’re about to be oh-so busted!

1.      Marketing on Google is expensive, right?


Sure, running Google Ads can be expensive – sometimes. It’s generally when you’re targeting highly competitive search terms that require lots of dough to get clicks. But realistically, that’s not the strategy you’ll be aiming for. You’ll be targeting a really tight location radius (cause no one wants to pay for people on the other side of the world to see your ads!) and super-relevant keywords, where there’s less competition and more opportunity for you. This translates to MUCH more reasonable bid costs. Cha-ching!

The best part about Google Ads is you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If your targeting is on point and your website is up to scratch, then this click has a high chance of converting to a lead, as in – a client who is interested in learning more about your services and even booking a consultation. Imagine gaining a long-term, loyal client from just a few bucks!

2.      The more keywords, the better!


So you’ve decided that “best hairdresser in Brisbane” is the keyword phrase you want to try and rank first for in a Google Search. There’s a common misconception that Google’s algorithm works on the frequency at which the keyword is included on a web page. Some people think that if they include the keyword 50 times on their web page that they’ll immediately jump to first place!

Well, Google really doesn’t like this approach and people who use it are at risk of being penalised by Google. It’s called “keyword stuffing”, and ultimately it creates an unpleasant reading experience for the searchers… Which is the opposite of what Google’s about!

Google is all about showing the most relevant result, and it relies on a whole heap of variables – not just how many times a relevant keyword appears.

Moral of the story? Make sure you include the keywords you think your customers will be searching for, but no need to overdo it. Interested in learning more? Check out this blog on our top SEO tips!

3.      Competitors will sabotage your spending by clicking on your ads


It’s a super common fear for those who are yet to start their digital advertising journeys that their ad spend will skyrocket because their competitors are the ones clicking on their ads. Well, Google is one smart cookie and prevents this sort of behaviour from happening.

If one of your arch-nemeses are repeatedly clicking on your ads, Google is intelligent enough to identify it as suspicious activity. No genuine customer is going to click on the same ad multiple times, and Google knows this. It will spot suspicious behaviour by cookie tracking, and stop it in its tracks before your account is charged. Phew!

4.      It’s not worth spending $ on branded ads cause our brand is strong already


Why pay for a branded ad campaign when your brand is likely going to be at the top of an organic search anyway? Well, the competition never rests. Occasionally competitors will test the system and run ads for their brand using YOUR brand name even though it isn’t allowed under Google’s guidelines. Meaning their ad may display above your organic listing.

On top of this, if you do happen to get a click on your paid brand campaign, ask yourself – isn’t it worth it? You’ve likely attracted a new potential customer. Don’t assume they would have clicked your organic listing anyway – you never know!

5.      Google Ads are only useful to online businesses, right?


Have you heard the common myth that spending your hard-earned cash on Google Ads is only useful to online businesses who SELL their products or services online directly?

In reality, almost every business model now is an online business. While you technically provide your services in person, you still need the online space to effectively market yourself and acquire new business. Plus – even if you aren’t doing brows virtually (yet…) your potential clients are definitely searching online for who to see – so you gotta be there, baby.

Think of Google as a virtual shopfront – it’s the place where your clients get to have a peek inside before they decide to walk through your doors and lay down their cash.

6.      You’ll start seeing amazing results immediately


All good things take time. It’s super tempting to hope for a click of your fingers and a flood of new bookings as soon as you send your ads live. But unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.

Google is an intelligent learning machine and it needs time to learn a few things about your ads, such as how people interact with them, what they’re searching versus what they click on, and so on.

It takes time to gather all this juicy Google data before it starts to optimise your ads for better results based on its findings. But don’t despair! All it takes is a few weeks or a couple of months and you’ll really be able to see your ads kick.

7.      Google is all about paid ads and organic search


When you think about Google, you may just think about it as the humble search engine it started out as, or the paid advertising opportunities it now presents. Google is SO much more than that, and holds so much potential for your digital presence.

Google encompasses Google My Business which is the first thing a searcher will see when they Google your business or terms you rank highly for. If you’re set up with Reserve with Google, it will even take care of (some of) your bookings for you.

It includes YouTube which can be a super powerful tool for your video content, but also ads. It includes display ads that can bring a visual element to your advertising.

Google is one big powerful beast, and trust us, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Keep learning and you’ll become a Google master in no-time.

Decided you want to dip your toes into Google Ads’ pond? We can help with that! Get in touch with Naomi and our Google Gurus today. And don’t forget to register now to access more great content in the Google Growth Hub – your first month is FREE!

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